We offer a full design service at Signman, but if you or your designer want to create the artwork for your project that’s fine. The best thing to do before you start is give us a call so we can provide you with the dimensions and file requirements we need to print your project (we even have some templates you can use to build your design on) but in the meantime we’ve written some general guidelines below.

Call 01620 850 669 for product-specific guidelines

Image Size

If possible you should design the artwork at the full size of your finished product and at 300dpi resolution or above.

If you are designing graphics in Illustrator or Inkscape you’ll be able to export a vector PDF at a surprisingly small file size which is ideal for us

We print at a minimum of 300dpi resolution, so any images or graphics need to be at least that level to produce a clear image

File formats

If you don’t regularly deal with print graphics and are confused by the list below just give us a call – we understand that not everyone has to deal with this stuff every day!

Ideally we need graphics provided in one of the following formats:

  • Vector format such as EPS, AI or SVG
  • PDF generated from a vector file
  • TIFF or PSD
  • JPEG or photograph at 300dpi (at minimum 25% finished size)

If you don’t have any of the file formats above don’t worry – our design team can usually work with what you’ve got, however if we have to redraw your artwork completely there may be a design fee attached.

We print at a minimum of 300dpi resolution, so any images or graphics need to be at least that level to produce a clear image

Bleeds & Trim Marks

For most of our smaller printed projects such as business cards and flyers we require a 3mm bleed around the image to avoid leaving white lines when trimming. Each of these products has a set template which we can provide you with which has the bleed and text-safe zones marked out. If in doubt we can design it for you.

We don’t need trim marks, registration marks or colour bars unless we’ve specifically asked you to provide them

Sending your Artwork

Many of the files required for high resolution printing are just plain massive! Rather than clog up everyone’s inboxes we recommend you send your files using Wetransfer. It’s free, doesn’t require a signup, and let’s you email files up to 2GB.

Go to wetransfer.com, select the free version and add your files. Send them to designer@signman1.co.uk and include a quick message so we know who you are. Done!

If sending your files isn’t working and you live locally, you can pop in with a USB stick and we can review the files while you’re here.