3D lettering is typically used for shop signage and internal wall-mounted logos. We can produce from almost any font to match your logo and the letters can be finished in a range of paint effects including metallics.


Custom-cut lettering is most often used on shop or restaurant fascias, but can look great as indoor displays and for exhibition text. It’s a style often used by big retailers for it’s higher impact and professional finish. We can produce flat stand-off lettering or 3D letters which can be finished in a huge range of colours and even metallic finishes like gold and chrome.

Stand-off Lettering
This style is mounted on small fixings that hold the letters or logo away from the wall surface. This works whether the lettering is flat or a thick 3D acrylic and really makes the text pop against any background by adding depth.  Flat letters can be cut from a variety of materials.

3D Lettering
These are laser cut from acrylic which is available in a number of thicknesses and can be sprayed in a custom colour or metallic finish. These are predominantly used for fascia signs but make excellent indoor brand walls for corporate identity.

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Acrylic, Brushed Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Timber


Flat lettering is 3mm thick and 3D can be cut in standard acrylic thicknesses but also built up to a specific size.